Yes! I Matter
Aakaanksha Singh

Yes! I Matter“….Yes ! I Matter” is a vivid and a very realistic depiction of the life, times and dilemmas of a typical middle-class Indian Housewife. The Plot revolves around the love, the pain, the surrender and most of the time, call of duty, that forms the core of a housewife. The Indian society is certainly in a transitionary mode. The economic well being has brought its fair share of individual liberations, vulnerabilities, aspirations and a substantial change in outlook towards life. The plot of this novel is neatly weaved around three generations of very strong, thinking and ever giving Indian women. Lead by the protagonist Savitri, it revolves around the life of five women and their families. These women who, have been wishfully happy in their own respective lives. Until at some point, when each of them in their own different way realize the latent vulnerabilities, miseries and the not so happy life they have been into. The book witnesses the process rediscovery, going the various phases of realization, actualization and the subsequent changes. Set in the backdrop of rural Rajasthan, where women are not supposed to have a mindset of their own. Marriages are arranged for social gratification. Personal likes and dislikes do not have a place. With the advent of social media the constrained and restricted environment takes a leap over physical proximity. The book tells the tale of Savitri who used to be a flamboyant girl but marriage contains her to a simple housewife. The conflict in her heart is brought out in simple, heartfelt story. She is surrounded by her family, mother and friends; each having their own stories. Their problems are beyond the basic needs of ‘roti, kapda, makaan*” In totality, eternal love and happiness being the basis of every human being. Each person begins their quest of personal satisfaction, in their own way. Some succeed, some fail. Please Do Read!!!!

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