Her Anonymous Muse
Ms. Anonymous

Her Anonymous MuseI hate having to talk about myself, I can either never think of anything or I feel like I'm being a stuck-up braggart... Well, I've been writing since I was in high school in various facets: Music lyrics, poetry, short stories, novels... I never really did anything with the non-musical things I wrote because I thought they weren't very good. In retrospect, I realize the issue was low self-esteem and me still learning how I function as an author, but hindsight is always 20/20, right? Anyway, short version, a few years ago, around the time when the economy crashed and everyone lost their jobs, I found myself unemployed. I spent the beginning of that time tearing my hair out over how I was going to pay my bills, but once the initial panic passed, I spent all my time reading... and eventually, writing. I wrote two books, one as part of a series and one that could be a series, but could be stand alone as well. I let a friend in the entertainment industry read the series starter, and he stayed up until morning for several nights, hooked (as he said) until he reached the cliffhanger at the end. Then, he woke up his household by yelling obscenities at me, although I wasn't there. That was my first proud moment as a writer, to know that I had engaged a reader so much that he was mad at me for not telling him what happened next. I then chose to submit my two books in an open submission to a publisher. One of them actually made it almost to the end (months later) before it got rejected, lol! So, I built HerSilentMuse.com, a way for me to work through my shyness and get off my duff. Weekly, I post a chapter (sometimes 2, if they're short) of one of my works-in-progress. I have a lot of works in progress, lol. Right now, I write. I just want people to read. I want feedback, to find an audience, to find perhaps, peers.

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