Pregnancy to Podium
Susie Mitchell

Pregnancy to Podium’m Susie, a 37 year first time mom to a lovely vibrant baby girl Tori, I have always had an active lifestyle, and been someone who needed and enjoyed copious amounts of exercise and was happily introduced to track racing in the Summer of 2011. This has been a sport I have enjoyed immensely ever since and one I found where gains could be so easily quantified and progress depended on training hard, but training smart. I had been a recreational mountain biker, one time surfer, and adventure racer with husband Cormac, all of which I enjoyed greatly but now it seemed I had found something which appealed to an extreme competitive side of my nature and I seemed to show some potential in it. All this was taking off just as I became pregnant, and I did not want to let it go too easy. In fact I had always believed in the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and being a vet I had always marvelled how animals took all this in their stride. I began to research all I could find on exercise and pregnancy and found there was lots of advice - mostly conservative! Through this research and with the help of my coach, I did find away to maintain my fitness and train throughout my pregnancy safely. I am now fit and healthy and my return to form came so much quicker than I could have expected winning a National Medal on the track just 6 weeks after the birth. I added others in the following months as I went from strength to strength culminating in winning a World Masters title just 4 months after the birth. I would think that I have shown that it is possible to stay fit healthy and somewhat immersed in your sport, maintain your identity and that there is life during and post pregnancy! I am now back at work as a fish vet and managing with the help of a very supportive husband, to balance working, being a mum and enjoying my sport. I have had the most remarkable of years - in fact my most successful year ever as an athlete and all this added to the joy Tori has brought to our lives.

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