I Aint Aving That

I Aint Aving ThatLaced with the street lore and humour of South London, "I Ain’t 'Aving That" will bring a constant smile to every reader’s lips... Martin Rogers is definitely not one of life's winners. In fact, he seems to stumble from one crisis to another. But he isn't a loser either – for here's someone who simply won't stand for the s**t the world throws at him. His attitude to life's trials and tribulations is simple: "I ain't ‘aving that!" Two failed marriages, a succession of jobs and frequent changes of address punctuate a life which sees him constantly running up against the system – but there's no way the buggers are going to grind him down. He'll battle them with a flood of phone calls and sarcastic letters; he'll fight them through the courts and he’ll even resort to chaining himself to the railings if needs be. "I Ain't ‘Aving That" is an hilarious account of his determination to fight for his rights, and stands as a shining example to everyone who has ever waited in all morning for a gas man who never showed up; who's ever run foul of a stroppy traffic warden or who's tried to fight the council through the courts. He has run-ins with shop assistants and builders, with policeman and taxi drivers. Though he doesn't always come out on top, they all regret the day they took him on. Laced with the street lore and humour of South London, "I Ain't ‘Aving That" will bring a constant smile to every reader's lips – and plant the idea that they too should follow Martin's worthy maxim. There's a little bit of Martin Rogers in all of us. Bad luck happens to everyone (especially Martin) but his indomitable spirit proves you can make your own good luck. True, Martin is a cert for slipping on that banana skin – but you can bet your boots he'll find someone to sue for his resultant broken arm. A novel, an autobiography and a guide book to surviving the daily grind of everyday life all rolled into one, "I Ain't ‘Aving That" isn’t a comedy but it is extremely funny; it isn't a textbook but it's filled with object lessons for us all. "I Ain't ‘Aving That – One Man’s Fight Against The System" will be turned into a life in the raw TV comedy-tinged drama series in the vein of "Boys From The Black Stuff", "Auf Weidersehn Pet" and "Minder

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