My Public Sense
John Waine

My Public SenseA world of words and conjugations to explore. As F. R. David say in one of their songs "words don't come easy". In attempt to contradict that quote, I will try to share all the toughs and creations stuck in my mind, continuously screaming to get out. I don't expect comprehension, I don't expect any kind of kindness from you. I prefer simple, straight, honest opinions about what you read. I could say that I don't care what you think, but that would be bullshit. Everybody cares about what others think, even if it's the worst thing you can possibly imagine or feel. Because at the end of the day, that counts. As for writers that supposedly write what come from their inside and don't give a crap about what the readers think about their pieces, well, that's just a lie. They write with a purpose, I write with a purpose, and that purpose is quite understandable; to please their audience. Every writer supposedly has one. You are not obliged to like what I write, nor other writers. However, if someone's writing pleases the person who reads it, then I'm sure, next time he writes, he'll have that person in mind. We can see from many successful examples in the industry. On how a first book lead to a second one and so forth. The audience liked, the book sold out. The writer knew that if it was that incredibly successful, the structure, the alignment, were correctly done. The conclusion was easy to take, the public liked it. So yes, writers care. Although our creations stems from our imagination or living experiences, we feel achieved when our work is acknowledged by others. It feels good to write? Yes. It feels indeed. For itself, it helps fleeing from this life and embody some character, or some feeling that we think might me interesting to write about. Nevertheless, the bigger ability of pleasing our public will increase our responsibility towards him, and thus increase our motivation to improve and explore new horizons. It's like a spiral. We write so you can judge us according to our words, our statements, our way to see our surroundings and ourselves. But, at any point, don't think we don't care about your thoughts. They can and will help us on the long road. Everyone aims for Perfection. We ear many times there is no such thing. Well, perhaps we can't achieve perfection. I'm sure I'm still far away of being anywhere near greatness. Yet, I write. Good things, bad things, awful, unstructured things. Some inaccurate, others just terrible to read, maybe. But that's the journey I have to make and endure. To become a better writer? For sure. To achieve something? Also. So, what's the main goal? That must come from inside us, mine is to improve myself, to keep pushing and pushing, to see how far I can go. Everything is lived like an experience. Going on a trip, visiting a new city, reading a new book... And this, this is one of my own. John Waine

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