Science Fantasy, The Aten Sequence Books and Ancient Egypt
Cynthia Marsh

Science Fantasy, The Aten Sequence Books and Ancient EgyptI am a UK based author who came to writing relatively late in life and why I started writing my first book I really don't know. I enjoyed writing stories in school and read book after book after book, But I always thought that writing was something other people did - special people not me - until one rainy Sunday afternoon I sat down and started writing. I was so impressed that I managed to string 5,000 words together that I took a three year holiday to bask in that delicious feeling of finally being a writer. I was going to finish the book while I was travelling in Australia, I was going to finish the book while I was doing my hypnotherapy training, I was going to....... Well one day I woke up and realised the next 80,000 words or so were not going to write themselves so I finally rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. By Christmas of 2012 my first completed book 'Pharaoh's Gold - The Aten Sequence 1' was ready to go and on sale. 'Pharaoh's Gold' is a light hearted YA science fantasy adventure set in Ancient Egypt that follows the story of an immortal space being called Aten who has run out of fuel and gotten stuck on Earth. He desperately needs to get his hands on a large quantity of gold to make more fuel for his ship and decides to target the temple of Karnak in Thebes. But Aten underestimates the magical skills and determination of the High Priest Neferhotep to keep him out and keep the sacred treasures safe, as well as being just that little bit too confident of his own abilities and ingenuity. As he plots and schemes he also has to try and control the actions of the little group of followers he has somehow managed to bring along with him - Luke an unruly teenager from the 21st century, Druitt the Victorian schoolteacher who Aten accidentally turned into half a dog in a spell that went wrong and a fiery Galasian cocktail waitress called Tuy who was looking for glamour and excitement ans is not at all happy at being stuck in a primitive, hot, dusty village with no parties or modern technology. Creating Aten and his friends was great fun and the story seemed to unfold on its own, so much so that 'Hall of the Golden Crocodiles - The Aten Sequence 2' followed a year later and the first draft of 'The Golden Tomb of Osiris - The Aten Sequence 3' is nearly finished. Will there be a fourth Aten Sequence book? Will Aten ever finally be able to leave Earth and rejoin his evil Uncle Lucie in conquering the Universe? We'll see. Who knows what the future holds? Meanwhile, I also wrote some short stories with a paranormal theme which are now available in a compilation called 'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises' and have several other books, short stories and writing projects planned. Now I've opened the flood gates, the ideas just keep on coming and I have enough to keep me going for many years. I hope you will join Aten in his adventures in Ancient Egypt and if you have any ideas of how he could escape this planet and get back out into the Universe, please let me know and I will pass your suggestions on to him. Though I have to warn you that he never listens, always thinks he's right and is bound to mess it up!

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